7 villagers now have one thing in common

Their children don't have to travel for 2 hours to seek good primary schooling any more.

The HKVP Foundation has now brought the Primary School to the coastal village belt of Hejamady-Kodi in rural Karnataka. No child will be denied primary education here and no child will have to stay away from school to work as a child labour anymore.

Pledge to educate 1000 kids by 2025

and give Vocational Skills Training to hundreds of village youth…

Can we build a primary school infrastructure that can double up as a night school for working villagers, and a vocational skill training center to equip rural men and women with skills that can get them gainfully employed?

Yes, we at HKVP Foundation have begun to do just that!

Enrolled 164 girls & 188 boys so far with zero school drop-outs

and set up the school for pre-primary, primary and secondary education for the village.

Our passion resonates with many volunteers across 4 countries and 6 corporates.